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Annual Picnic of HCPPA Canada & USA - 2017
HCPPA Canada & USA Executive Committee for 2016-17
HCPPA (UK) AGM & Dinner is on November 12, 2016
Annual Picnic of HCPPA Canada & USA on July 16, 2016
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Mrs. Rajamalar Blanchard
Mrs. Gnanasountharam Vadivelu
Mr. Sivarajah Surenthiranathan
Mr. Alvapillai Rajasingam
Dr. Kandasamy Sivakumaran
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   :: HCPPA Canada Honours Presiedent of HCPPA of Colombo 
A dinner was organized for Dr J.N. Chinniah, President of HCPPA, Colombo by our secretary at Pooranas on Sunday March 18, 2001. Most of the office bearers and a few other members and spouses were present at the occasion.

While addressing the gathering after the dinner, Dr J.N. Chinniah, requested for audio visuals and computers for the school. He spoke in length about their activities in Colombo and about the school. Dr. Chinniah was very thankful for arranging the dinner for him within a short notice.

Note: $1000.00 is ready for remittance to the school's T.V and Video and educational tapes. HCPPA(Canada/USA), thanks Mr. S. Sivakumaran for his efforts in collecting this.

- HCPPA President, Canada (June 2001)
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