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Annual Picnic of HCPPA Canada & USA - 2014
Fundraising For Land Adjoining Hostel Entrance by HCPPA Canada & USA
Ceremonial Opening of IAN KARAN HOSTEL (Hartley College Hostel Project)
Office Bearers of HCPPA Parent Body - Point Pedro - 2013/2014
Natha Vinotham - HCPPA UK - 2014
Inauguration of Hartleyites Sports Club at the School
Nominations form for the 2014 Executive Committee of HCPPA UK
Nomination Form for year 2013/2014 for HCPPA Canada/USA

Mrs. Kathiravetpillay Sellamma
Mrs. Mathura Kanaganathan
Mr. Kanapathipillai Velumailum
Mr. Rajaratnam Saparethnam
Mr. Somasuntharam Senathirajah
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   :: Significant Dates in the Hartley's History  

1838: Rev. Dr. Peter Percival, Scholar and Educationist, who complied the English Tamil Dictionary and translated the Bible into Tamil found the School with the name "Wesleyan Mission Central School."

1848: The Central Schools Commission recommends grant to the School for its good work.

1860: School remains closed for part of the year owing to difficulties.

1861: Mr. D. P. Niles, B. A., re-starts it, and puts it on a strong footing, becomes Principal.

1874: The School is shifted to the present site. In the old site a Girls Boarding School is started by Rev. W. R. Winston - presently known as Methodist Girls' High School.

1878: Mr. J. C. T. Sherrard becomes head master under Rev. Napp. Seventh Grade is the highest class and there are only a big hall and two class-rooms. He becomes so popular that the College is known as "Sherrard's School."

1896: The School is up-graded and allowed to prepare pupils for the Calcutta University Entrance Examination.

1906: Mr. S. A. Paulpillai, B. A., is appointed Principal, while Mr. Sherrard is Head Master. Mr. Paulpillai passes away and Mr. Kanapathippillai becomes Principal.

1912: Mr. E. S. Abraham B. A., becomes the Principal. The school is called "Christ Church School."

1915: Mr. C. P. Thamotheram becomes principal.

1916: Rev. Marshll Hartley, Secretary of the Methodist Mission for the East visits the school and lays the foundation for a science laboratory. The School is re-named

1917: Chemistry Lab is completed and six other class-rooms are put up.

1919: Pupils appear for the Cambridge Senior Exam.

1920: A Play Ground is provided and more class-rooms are put up. Hartleyites win Science Scholarships to the University College.

1923: The Boy scout movement is started.

1930: The Hostel building is put up. Cricket is started.

1933: Hartley College O. B. A. is inaugurated.

1938: The Colombo Branch of the College O. B. A. is inaugurated.

1943: Mr. K. Pooranampillai, B. A. becomes Principal.

1944: Pupils appear of the H. S. C. Examination. Prefects System is introduced.

1945: Co-operative Movement begins.

1947: Historical Association comes up.

1948: Drama Society starts and English and Tamil Plays put up. Photographic and Films Club begins.

1953: Centenary celebration is held.

1957: Science Association begins.

1961/62: Hindu Students Union takes shape.

1963: Hartley is adjudged the best Cricket Team of the North and wins Cup.

1967: Mr. K. Pooranampillai leaves for St. John's College and Mr. S. Ratnasabapathy takes over.

1971: Owing to the Over 55's being retired by the Government Mr. Ratnasabapathy leaves and Mr. C. Rajadurai, B. Sc., who was a successful Principal at Runawella M. M. V., succeeds.

1973: Mr. C. Rajadurai leaves as Chief Education Officer and Mr. P. Ahamparam, B. Sc., succeeds him.

1975: Mr. W. N. S. Samuel, B. A., succeeds Mr. P. Ahamparam

1979: Four Hartleyites win four Distinction Passes at the GCE A/L Exam.

1980: Thamotheram Memorial Laboratory is completed and opened.

1982: At the 1982 GCE (A/L) Exam, three get four Distinction Passes.

1983: The Pooranampillai Block is opened. The Principal inaugurates a branch of the Hartley College O. B. A. in London.

1984: The Library with 6690 Books and a few class rooms are burnt.

1985: The School is shifted in to a village 3 Km away to Puttalai MV. Mr. W. N. S. Samuel retires and Mr. P. Balasingam, B. A., becomes the Principal.

1987: Hartley is made a Core - School under the Cluster System embracing fourteen schools and the Principal is appointed as the Head of the Cluster.

1988: Amidst severe hardships and acute shortage of staff, Fourteen pupils obtain distinctions in all the 8 subjects and thirteen obtain distinctions in 7 subjects in the 1987 GCE (O/L) Examination and in the GCE (A/L) one obtained 4 A's and several obtained
3 A's.

1989: Buildings are handed back by the IPKF to the Principal. Issue of a Stamp and First-Day Cover to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the College. Celebration in Colombo and Pt. Pedro held on 5th June. Work on the 12 million ADB building project starts.

1990: Entire school is shifted back to the old site. Constriction work stalled due to the eruption of war.

1993: General Knowledge Quiz team wins Luther Jeyasingam Memorial cup for the 2nd year in succession.

1994: Interact Club formed at College. GCE (A/L) Commerce Union publishes the magazine 'Vanika Viyalalan'.

1995: New block, named after the Late Prof. A. Thurairajah, Distinguished Old Boy of the College.

1998: The first ever Hartley College Home Page on the Internet is launched from Ottawa, Canada.

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